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BizzyCar Testimonial: Bob Sight Ford

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We sat down with Cooper Reed and Grant Guinn, who oversee Mobile Service at Bob Sight Ford in Lee's Summit, Missouri, to discuss their experience as a BizzyCar customer.

Tell us about your automotive background and current role.

  • "Our job as Mobile Service Coordinators involves managing the logistics of our mobile service fleet and ensuring smooth operations. We have one Ford Transit Van and one Ford Escape, and we handle a variety of services via mobile including oil changes, brake jobs, and recalls."

How long have you used BizzyCar and why did you sign up?

  • "We've been using BizzyCar for almost three years now. Initially, we signed up for just the B2B program to allow us to complete open recalls on other dealership lots and in fleets, but have since upgraded to the full consumer and mobile service program to increase our service business and offer a more convenient option for our customers."

What are some of the benefits you have experienced with BizzyCar?

  • "BizzyCar helps us efficiently manage scheduling for recall and mobile service appointments. It streamlines and automates our outreach efforts, allowing us to handle a significant number of recalls and keep our mobile vehicles consistently booked, maintaining a steady workflow for our mobile service operations."

How has BizzyCar helped improve customer satisfaction?

  • "BizzyCar has helped us maintain a high level of customer satisfaction with prompt service and efficient scheduling, leading to improved service revenue and operational efficiency. The feedback from customers who use our mobile service has been overwhelmingly positive. They appreciate the convenience and the quality of service."

How is BizzyCar support?

  • "The support from BizzyCar has been excellent. Communication is smooth, and they are easy to get in touch with whenever we need assistance. If we have any issues, we receive prompt responses and solutions, which makes our job much easier."

Would you recommend BizzyCar?

  • "If someone asked me about BizzyCar, I'd tell them it’s a fantastic tool for managing recall appointments and mobile service. It simplifies our workflow and improves customer satisfaction. I would highly recommend BizzyCar for its ease of use, effective communication, and overall operational benefits."

Anything else you would like to add?

  • "BizzyCar has been instrumental in helping us grow. It's great to know BizzyCar cares to help us improve our processes and efficiency."

What is your future outlook working with BizzyCar?

  • "Knowing that BizzyCar's platform is there to support us as we expand is huge. The potential to incorporate additional features to help with recalls and improve scheduling processes is something we are excited to continue to grow with BizzyCar."

Bob Sight Ford's Mobile Service Vehicle:

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