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BizzyCar Best Practice Guide: Increasing Average Repair Order Amount

BizzyCar Best Practice Guide Increasing Average Repair Order Amount-01In a market characterized by aging vehicles and consumers hesitant to make new purchases due to economic pressures, service departments are poised to capitalize on increased customer retention. The cornerstone of this strategy focuses on boosting the average repair order amount ($/RO). This guide outlines effective methods for refining service offerings, enhancing customer interactions, and capitalizing on data-driven insights to elevate $/RO.

Utilize Recalls as Strategic Opportunities

  • Leverage Recall Notices: Recalls provide a prime opportunity to bring customers in without upfront costs. These visits, while addressing safety and reliability under manufacturer coverage, also offer a chance for thorough vehicle inspections.
  • Integrated Service Approach: Utilize recall visits to perform standard inspections and identify potential repair or maintenance needs. Customers are more likely to consider additional services when they are not paying for the recall repair.
  • Educational Interactions: Employ recall appointments as an opportunity to educate customers on regular vehicle maintenance and its benefits for vehicle longevity and performance.
  • Build Trust and Transparency: Efficient and professional handling of recalls can significantly boost customer trust in your service capabilities. Clearly explain the recall's importance to ensure customers understand the safety and functionality implications.

Optimize Service Menu Pricing

  • Regular Price Audits: Periodically review and adjust your service menu pricing to reflect labor, parts, and operational cost increases, ensuring your offerings remain competitively priced yet profitable. Consider using market research tools to align your pricing with industry standards and local market conditions.
  • Strategically Price Loss Leaders: Maintain competitively priced basic services, such as oil changes, to attract customers. These visits can serve as opportunities for more comprehensive vehicle inspections, where additional necessary services can be identified and recommended.

Empower Advisors with Flexible Service Options

  • Manage Low-Cost Services Smartly: Allow advisors the flexibility to waive minor charges, like light bulb replacements, treating them as marketing costs. This strategy prevents small transactions from lowering the average $/RO while boosting customer goodwill.

Enhance Vehicle Inspection Processes

  • Mandatory Walkarounds: Enforce a policy requiring a comprehensive walkaround and inspections for every vehicle. This practice not only identifies potential additional services but also builds customer trust through transparency.
  • Track Declined Services: Maintain a detailed record of services declined by customers for targeted follow-up in future interactions, providing advisors with key upsell opportunities.

Training and Development

  • Ongoing Training Programs: Continually update service advisors on the latest automotive technologies, sales techniques, and customer service practices.
  • Scenario-Based Training: Regularly conduct role-playing and scenario training to better equip staff for real-life customer interactions, focusing on upselling and objection handling.
  • Digital Tools for Transparency: Provide advisors with tablets to visually demonstrate needed repairs and their benefits to customers.

Strategic Use of Data and Feedback

  • Monitor Performance Metrics: Track advisor performance against key metrics such as $/RO, customer satisfaction scores, and upsell rates. Use this data to guide training and rewards.

Incentives and Rewards

  • Incentive Programs: Develop clear, achievable incentives that motivate service advisors to excel.
  • Recognition Programs: Publicly acknowledge and reward top performers, promoting a culture of excellence and teamwork.

To significantly enhance the profitability of your fixed ops department, adopt a holistic approach that includes pricing optimization, customer relationship enhancement, technology utilization, and continuous staff training. By implementing these best practices, aim to not only increase the average repair order amount but also ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, thereby strengthening your market position and improving your dealership's service revenue.


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