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Revolutionize Your Dealership's Recall Management with BizzyCar.

Ford WebinarMike Murray, the Chief Development Officer at BizzyCar, recently hosted a webinar specifically for Ford dealers, showcasing how BizzyCar's AI-driven software can transform recall management and boost dealership profitability. Here’s a comprehensive look at what was discussed and how BizzyCar can revolutionize your operations.

Understanding the Recall Challenge

Recalls are a significant aspect of the automotive industry. At any given moment, about one in four cars on the road has an open recall, translating into over $22 billion in potential warranty work. Traditionally, dealerships have struggled with managing recalls due to outdated methods like phone calls and mailers, which often lead to inefficiencies, incorrect customer information, and low response rates. Murray emphasized that many dealerships treat recall management as an afterthought, missing out on a lucrative opportunity to bring customers back into the service drive. The challenge lies in reaching out to these customers and ensuring they come in for their recalls. BizzyCar aims to change this by automating the recall management process, allowing dealerships to focus on what they do best: serving customers and repairing vehicles.

Introducing BizzyCar: AI-Driven Recall Management Software

BizzyCar is a fully automated, AI-driven software platform that identifies open recalls in a dealership’s market and schedules customers for service, all without any manual intervention. It was created by dealers, for dealers, ensuring it addresses the real challenges faced by fixed ops departments.

Here’s how BizzyCar can transform your recall management process:

1. Automated Recall Identification and Scheduling
BizzyCar scans your market daily, identifying vehicles with open recalls, whether they’re in consumer driveways, used car lots, or even fleet vehicles. The software schedules these vehicles for recall service at your dealership or through mobile repair, seamlessly integrating with your dealership management system (DMS) and service schedulers.

2. Effortless Integration and No Additional Training
The platform operates behind the scenes, requiring no additional training for your team. It integrates effortlessly with your existing systems, providing a steady stream of recall appointments and freeing up your team to focus on other critical tasks.

3. Comprehensive Recall Management
BizzyCar takes care of everything from recall identification to customer outreach and appointment scheduling. The platform ensures that parts are available and that service bays are ready, preventing customer frustration and improving satisfaction.

4. Enhanced Customer Retention and Profitability
Recalls are not just a compliance issue; they are an opportunity to bring customers back into your service drive. With BizzyCar, dealerships have seen a significant increase in customer pay work, with an average customer retention rate of 35%. The platform’s automated process not only drives recall compliance but also boosts profitability with high-margin work.

5. Mobile Service Integration
For dealerships offering mobile service, BizzyCar provides a complete mobile management solution, including a command center for scheduling and a technician app for on-the-go service. This ensures efficient management of mobile appointments, enhancing customer convenience and dealership reach.

Real-World Impact: Transforming Dealership Operations

During the webinar, Murray showcased a live demonstration of the BizzyCar platform at a Ford dealership. In just one day, the system identified 122 vehicles with open recalls, representing a $40,000 opportunity. Expanding the search to consumer driveways revealed nearly 11,000 vehicles, translating into a $2.7 million recall opportunity. One dealership using BizzyCar saw over $30,000 in additional revenue in the first three months alone, with an average repair order amount of $436.

Dealerships are also noticing a significant increase in the average days since customers' last visit. On average, BizzyCar dealers are experiencing over 600 days, with some dealerships re-engaging customers after more than 1,100 days since their last service visit.

Screenshot 2024-06-22 at 7.58.29 AM(Mike Murray highlighted that while dealers are often hesitant to embrace change, once they adopt a better approach, they realize it’s something they should have done a long time ago.)


BizzyCar offers a powerful solution to one of the most significant challenges faced by dealerships today. By automating recall management and integrating seamlessly with existing systems, BizzyCar not only improves operational efficiency but also enhances customer satisfaction and boosts profitability.

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