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Recalls: A Hidden Danger in Used Car Sales & New Bill Proposed to Fix it.


Recalls: A Hidden Danger in Used Car Sales

Each year millions of used cars are sold with potentially deadly unaddressed safety recalls. The new owners of the affected vehicles often have no idea they are driving cars that could pose a danger, possibly a life-threatening one, to themselves, their passengers, and other drivers.

Here's a look at the current situation and the changes that may be on the horizon:

  • Safety Concern: Recalls represent major safety concerns. Vehicles with unresolved recalls can be hazardous, yet not all are fixed before being sold.
  • Current Practices: While some states have laws requiring fixes before sales, some dealerships overlook these mandates, failing to inform buyers of existing recalls.
  • Deceptive Sales Tactics: In some instances, dealers insert liability waivers in sales contracts, forcing customers to unknowingly acknowledge the recalls without addressing the underlying issues.

New Legislative Push by Senators Blumenthal, Markey, & Warren

The Used Car Safety Recall Repair Act:

This proposed legislation is designed to close existing loopholes by ensuring all used cars with recalls are repaired before they are sold, leased, or loaned. The introduction of the Used Car Safety Recall Repair Act marks a significant move towards enhancing consumer protection and roadway safety.

Why This Matters:

Over 35 million used cars were purchased in the US last year alone. Consumer advocacy groups support this legislation, underlining the urgency and need for stricter safety assurances in used car sales.

Key Points of the Legislation:

  • Mandatory Repairs: Dealers must fix any safety recalls in used vehicles prior to sale.
  • Consumer Safety: The bill aims to protect consumers and increase road safety.
  • Manufacturer Incentives: It provides incentives for manufacturers to supply necessary parts within 60 days or reimburse dealers if unable.

The goal of this legislation is to prevent the sale of unsafe vehicles and ensure that consumers are not unknowingly put at risk. However, it's crucial to balance consumer safety with the practical implications for our businesses. 

Join the Discussion:

Share your insights, experiences, and opinions on how this bill could impact our industry here.

Your feedback is essential as it could help shape future regulations and ensure they are both effective and manageable for dealers.

  • Recall Practices:
    How do you currently handle recalls in your inventory? Do you fix them, disclose them, or have a different approach?
  • Customer Follow-Up:
    When recalls are disclosed, do customers proceed with the repairs? What has been your experience?
  • Impact on Business: 
    How might this legislation affect your operations, costs, and customer relationships?
  • Legislation Support: 
    Do you support this bill? What changes, if any, would you suggest?

Spread the Word:

Invite other professionals in the automotive industry to contribute to this important conversation. The more perspectives we gather, the better prepared we can be for any changes that come our way. Let's come together to discuss the future of car sales and safety. Your voice matters!

BizzyCar's Mission:

BizzyCar is committed to enhancing road safety. We empower the automotive industry with an intelligent, comprehensive solution to effortlessly manage service recalls, boosting recall completions, customer satisfaction, and dealership success.

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