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BizzyCar Testimonial: Prestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

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We sat down with Sarah Pahlas, Assistant Service Manager at Prestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Longmont, Colorado, to discuss her experience as a BizzyCar customer.

Tell us about your automotive background and current role.

  • "I've been in the automotive industry for 20 years. My job is overseeing the entire service department. My whole goal here is to kind of modernize things and to move forward into things that are more technologically friendly and efficient."

How long have you used BizzyCar and why did you sign up?

  • "We started using BizzyCar nine months ago. BizzyCar was initially brought in to streamline the process of scheduling recalls, particularly for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM, because we have an astronomical amount of recalls and needed help."

What are some of the benefits you have experienced with BizzyCar?

  • "BizzyCar actually really does help facilitate ease of scheduling with a massive amount of recalls. The convenience of being able to sit down at a computer and email communications that facilitate work without having to make 40 phone calls makes it easy. With BizzyCar we receive customers from a wide variety of sources, leading to significant opportunities in B2B recalls and high-quality customer interactions worth thousands of dollars. BizzyCar has definitely increased our RO count and the average RO as well. For us, it’s really about more service revenue, efficiency, and getting more appointments, and BizzyCar helps with all of those."

How has BizzyCar helped improve customer satisfaction?

  • "Customers appreciate the text outreach, saying it was quick and easy to set their recall appointment. We have integrated BizzyCar with Xtime, and it provides a smooth appointment flow our customers love."

How is BizzyCar support?

  • "The support from BizzyCar has been great. Our rep has been fantastic about communication and easy to work with. If I have anything I need, I just send an email and get a response the same day, and my concerns are always resolved in a timely manner."

Would you recommend BizzyCar?

  • "I would absolutely recommend BizzyCar for the ease of scheduling, communication, and overall efficiency. If somebody reached out to me considering BizzyCar, I would tell them it’s been a fantastic tool for recall automation and streamlining our business flow."

Anything else you would like to add?

  • "BizzyCar helps us stay proactive handling recalls and their B2B service, helps us find recalls on local dealership lots that has generated a new flow of revenue for us. It's refreshing to have a partner that helps us improve our processes and efficiencies."

What is your future outlook working with BizzyCar?

  • "Knowing that BizzyCar's platform is there to support us as we expand is huge. The potential to incorporate additional features to help with recalls and improve scheduling processes is something we are excited to continue to grow with BizzyCar."

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